SeaTrack is a simple utility, which can operate on track files created by SeaClear

Combine tracks of  trips and correct small errors
- read and list track files
- delete data points which are considered incorrect (f.e. because of a brief GPS failure)
- append files, to create an overview of any multi-day trips.
- save the updated and combined data

Analyse sailing tracks
- display tracks in a graphical form
- analyse the reaches sailed, with their speed, times and tacking angle
- copy and export function of data (f.e. to spreadsheet).

For demonstration and enjoyment
- simulate movement along the track
- and NMEA output (to connect a second computer with a cross-linked RS232 cable)

SeaTrace is an add-on to SeaClear, which can display and log additional data
- display also boat speed and more wind information
- display wind graph
- log 22 data parameters in text file, for direct analysis in spreadsheet etc.

SeaTrack and SeaTrace are provided as-is for free to sailing enthousiasts. An email to: 'zee "@"' is appreciated.

Downloads and links:
seatrack install (Zip File: aug 2005, ~ 2.2 MB)
seatrack exe file only (Zip File: aug 20057, < 100kB)
seatrace install (Zip File: aug 2005, ~ 2.2 MB)
seatrace exe file only (Zip File: aug 2005, < 100kB) for a discussion of electronic navigation